InfolinkGazette are the only online provider of unsecured creditor lists in the UK.

Offering Trade Credit Insurance Brokers, Debt Collection Agencies, Asset Based Finance, Factoring & Discounting Professionals: instant access to a database of over 700,000 unsecured trade creditors.

We capture the liquidators statement of affairs, so you don’t have to - and we update the database every week with details of another 2,500+ unsecured creditors.

There is never a better time to propose a risk management solution to a new business prospect than in the immediate aftermath of an unsecured credit loss.

A subscription only service, online users can:

  • View the most recent unsecured creditor data
  • Search unsecured creditor data based on key search parameters, such as size of debt or geographic location
  • Download data in a delimited format
  • Save favourite searches
  • Set up alerts to be notified by email if a particular prospect becomes an unsecured creditor, or more general alerts such as  losses over a specific figure, in a particular post code.
  • View information about the debtor for each insolvency.
  • Search by debtor and view all the unsecured creditors of a single debtor.
  • View and print additional business information

InfolinkGazette (ILG), a trading style of Connell Data Ltd is a commercial data collection bureau, supplying commercial risk and opportunity data to its clients, together with the tools required to maximise the value of the data. Distribution is primarily through information re-sellers, such as Credit Reference Agencies and Data Aggregators, but also to end users of information in the Credit Insurance, Debt Recovery and Insolvency sectors. 

ILG started out by collecting, and digitising all the information available on UK and Irish Insolvency appointments, and in particular, the UK unsecured creditors listings, which are used for both risk management purposes and identifying opportunity. More recently, ILG diversified data collection strategy to cover a wider range of commercially available information, all sourced from data that isn’t available in a practical digital format, but continued to concentrate on their core customer requirements, providing information suitable for credit risk assessment or prospect targeting. 

ILG also provide bespoke product development, software solutions and hosting services, for their data customers, including: Case Management Systems; Credit Scoring & Decisioning Systems; API’s and online portals.