A constant source of prime new business prospects for commercial credit risk management solution providers


  • Complete lists of unsecured creditors

    • Search facilities that enable you to more precisely match your criteria

    • On screen viewing of information, plus csv data downloads

    • Alert notifications when new unsecured creditors that match your search criteria, have become available, plus

  • Business Information & Intelligence  reports

With unique access to a database containing all of the unsecured and unpaid creditors from insolvent UK companies - you can target potential new customers that have recently incurred a financial loss as a direct result of a customers insolvency.

Why are details of Unsecured Creditors important

Unsecured Creditors need superior risk management solutions  to  help protect them from future losses.

New business prospects when you need them

At InfolinkGazette, we add 120,000 unsecured creditors a year with losses totalling more than £3 billion.

Drive new business with superior sales prospects

There is never a better time to  approach a prospect than after an unsecured credit loss.